Did you know that it takes over 11 litres of water to make 1 sheet of A4 paper? Alarming, isn’t it? We think so.

As an online business, it is unavoidable for us to use some form of paper products for the purpose of wrapping our customer’s orders for shipping. 

As sustainability is very important to us, we use Recycled Packaging Materials where possible and encourage our customers to properly recycle them after use.

Packaging we use has been custom made to our specifications, which means we only use as much paper as needed to securely package your order. It also means we don’t need to use excessive paper products or Styrofoam fillers like other companies would in order to fill mass produced shipping boxes that only come in a limited range of sizes, often way too big for the item being shipped.

By cutting our packaging costs down considerable, we are then able to pass those savings on to you.