Ethically made Sustainable Bamboo T-shirts by Eco Staples

We started out with a simple goal of creating a quality range of comfortable and sustainable T-shirts for Singapore’s humid climate. Along the way, this journey has opened our eyes to the huge toll fast fashion has levelled on the environment and exploited workers who toil in unsafe factories across Asia and beyond.


Located in Thailand, our factory partner is a private label clothing manufacturer with almost 2 decades of experience in the industry. We have, over the course of various production runs, cultivated a strong relationship with them centred on trust and mutual understanding. We can take heart knowing that our stringent requirements for quality and timely delivery are met or exceeded without risking the safety or fair pay of their skilled staff.


Fast fashion brands justify their actions by claiming that they are only giving consumers what they want.
However, with ethical brands popping up all across the globe, we now have choices and it is up to us to use our combined purchasing power to change how the industry makes our clothes.

The way we spend will always dictate what happens in any market, the age old demand vs supply equilibrium. As such, the most direct way for us to initiate change is through a conscious switch to purchasing ethically produced garments. It is through our actions that we can grow the momentum for change by showing brands that ethical production methods matter to us.

Before buying a product, review the brand’s website or social pages and find out who they are and what they are about. The extra minute or two spent researching will help you make a more informed decision and allow you to play your part in bringing about a much needed change to the industry.

Do your future self a favour and switch to sustainably sourced and ethically made clothing now!

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