Eco Friendly packaging – a must for a greener tomorrow

Fancy packaging, flashy logos and colourful graphics – sounds familiar? Well it all comes with a cost to the environment!

The rise of ecommerce in Singapore has introduced convenience to the lives of many people. Food, clothes and groceries can be swiftly delivered to your door at the click of a finger, but what happens to all the plastic packaging such as bags, containers and cutlery that accompany your order?

Did you know?

On average, more that 1.5 million tonnes of domestic waste are created each year in Singapore. One-third of which is made up of packaging, and alarmingly only 4% of plastic waste is recycled.

The resources on our planet are finite and there is no planet B that we can simply escape to. Experts widely agree that our commercial activities are harming the global environment. The success of the industrial revolution, in particular, has lifted millions out of poverty but as we witness a higher standard of living, this also generates a higher demand for single use plastics.

What are we doing to help?

Being an online business, it is inevitable that we will require some form of packaging to safeguard your order during the rigors of shipment. Ensuring you receive your products in a timely manner and in top-notch condition is paramount to us.

With sustainability at the forefront of our thinking, we have partnered with our chosen manufacturer to custom design and ethically create our 100% recycled cardboard packaging.

By making an effort to avoid oversized cookie cutter packaging, we are able to use a minimum amount of recycled cardboard to properly package our products and can do away with the need for Styrofoam fillers or other excessive paper products required to fill the large voids in mass produced shipping boxes. This has the added benefits of lowering packaging costs (savings we pass on to you) and most importantly, reducing our carbon footprint.


We hope you share our vision of creating a greener tomorrow and  please remember to Recycle, Reuse and Reduce!

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